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Q. What is a Modular Power Supply?

Ans. A Modular Power Supply is one that is assembled using a variety of pre-built building blocks (modules). This gives the customer a maximum choice for his voltage, current, signals & case style.


Q. What is the minimum quantity I have to buy?

Ans. The bills of materials are automatically generated, fed down to the shop floor and then quickly assembled using pre-built assemblies. Stock of the pre-built assemblies is managed by Kan Ban methods that trigger replenishment orders from the various workcells in the facility.


Q. How long does it take to get all the safety approvals?

Ans. A good modular power supply series has all the safety certifications in-place to cover all of the potential configurations. Often these include EN61010 (test & measurement) and EN60601 (medical) certifications.

Q. How soon can I get the unit?

Ans. The lead time for Standard Products is upto 4 weeks and that for customized products is 10-12 weeks.

Q. Why should I use a modular over a modified standard or custom?

Ans. As these modular products are sold to a huge number of different customers, who are using them over a wide range of applications, the likelihood of a problem is minimal. With a custom or modified standard that risk goes up dramatically as you will be the "beta" site.

Q. Can I get odd output voltages?

Ans. Yes, we do develop Custom Products as per our customers requirements.

Q. Can I get custom products developed?

Ans. Yes, depending upon requirements, custom products could be designed to meet your needs. NRE may be changed depending on the situation whether existing product modification is required or a full custom product is needed.

Q. How do I get field problems resolved?

Ans. Please speak to our dedicated Customer Support Team, and prompt attention will be given to resolve application or product issues. In case of urgency, product could be serviced or shipped back within 72 hours.


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